The increased popularity of heat pumps as heating and cooling solutions is based on a range of factors that appeal to building managers, businesses and consumers.

Here are some reasons why you should have a heat pump installed in your home.

Heat Pump Economics

The economics of heat pumps are irrefutable. They’re major cost savers as well as being highly efficient heating and cooling systems.

Consider a few facts:

  • Heat pumps are 50% more cost efficient than gas
  • Heat pumps use much less electricity than other heating and cooling systems
  • Heat pumps are very reliable and can be used in any kind of environment
  • Heat pumps are low maintenance systems, requiring minimal servicing
  • Heat pumps are value-adding over the life of the product, with savings increasing over that time

These are very persuasive cost arguments, particularly given the rise in energy costs in recent times.  The cost argument, however, goes much further in practical applications:

  • Health: Heat pumps have recently been shown to be a cost efficient option for relieving asthma and allergy conditions. When you consider the number of people suffering from these conditions, the surge in popularity for heat pumps isn’t too surprising.
  • System adaptability: Heat pump systems can be wall, floor or ceiling mounted. They can also be ducted systems, ideal for commercial spaces and major public buildings like schools and hospitals. For residential use, they can be installed almost anywhere.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Heat pumps also offer measurable environmental benefits:

  • Heat pumps are the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems on the market. Heat pumps are quite different from other systems in that they use external heat and cold to transfer heat. Because of this, they use far less energy.
  • Less energy usage means less pollution and fewer carbon emissions. Consider the combination of lower costs and much lower energy usage in context with carbon emissions and pollutions. The average heat pump system uses 50% less energy in a part of the consumer market that generates a lot of demand for power. On a global scale, this amounts to massive cost savings and pollution reduction.
  • Cost efficiencies drive economic efficiencies. Reducing demand also reduces costs for all users across the board. These savings can be redirected elsewhere in the economy, adding capital and cash flow.

With a range of arguments this convincing, it’s easy to see that heat pumps are a superior choice on any basis. This is why heat pumps are the go to climate control option for businesses and homeowners all around the world!

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