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Heat Pumps are a super-efficient way to heat and cool your property. If you are reading this, chances are you already know that and are trying to decide where to have the units installed.

In this article, we will discuss some basic advantages of heat pumps over other forms of heating and cooling and then the differences between ceiling and wall mounted installations.

Basic Advantages of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer several major advantages over traditional air conditioning units. For one, heat pumps are reversible, meaning that they can be used to heat or cool your property depending on the internal direction of coolant flow.

Another major advantage of heat pumps is that they can remove particles and odours from the air. You will need to regularly clean the air filters and make sure you get the right ones installed, but this can be a major boost to internal health. We all know that hay fever and allergies can wreck your day.

The most important advantage of heat pumps is that they are energy efficient.

Ceiling Mounted Heat Pumps

Ceiling mounted heat pumps are less obtrusive than wall or floor mounted units. They can be marginally recessed to reduce their overall size and are largely out of sight as people don’t spend large amounts of time looking at ceilings.

Ceiling mounted heat pumps are particularly effective in warm climates when the goal for the system is cooling. Warm air rises into the ceiling mounted unit and is cooled before falling back to the floor. They are particularly useful in hallways and as part of multi-zone installations to give or take heat from multiple areas at once.

Ceiling mounted units are more time consuming and expensive to install because the installation professional will need to get into your attic or roof space to install it.

Wall Mounted Heat Pumps

Wall mounted heat pumps are easier to install and maintain than ceiling mounted units. They do however take up wall space that could otherwise be used for windows, picture frames or bookshelves.

Wall mounted units boast the highest level of heat exchange efficiency of any mounting option. They heat (or cool) more air in less time. They are particularly useful in single room applications.

For an Expert Opinion, Talk to the Professionals

Albany Heat Pumps are Auckland’s professional experts in Heat Pumps. We have worked extensively with heat pump installation and maintenance. We will be able to talk you through your options based upon your particular situation and requirements.

We can discuss single room solutions or design a holistic system for your entire building. Whether you are building a new house or upgrading for comfort and efficiency. Give us a call today on 0800 927 628 or contact us online.