If you’re looking to install a heat pump system, you will need to consider your installation needs. Every home is different and every commercial space can have its own onsite issues for access. Heat pump systems may be ducted, wall, floor, or ceiling mounted. All of these things need be thought about before you proceed with the installation.

Installation Basics

As well as the considerations mentioned above, here are some other things you will need to think about for your heat pump system:

  • Type of system
  • System brand
  • Cost of system
  • Location of the heat pump, which should be easily accessible for maintenance

These are the main reasons you need to consider who’s going to install your heat pump. The bottom line here is that you need heat pump specialists, not a general tradesperson and not a DIY installation.

Heat pump systems are reliable and safe, but if you have any installation problems, you need a professional who can solve these problems. Non-specialists may lack the right training, experience, knowledge and licences, all of which compromise a compliant installation process.

Choosing Your Installer

The right installer for your heat pump system will have:

  • All relevant licenses for working with electrical systems
  • A good track record in the industry for installation and maintenance
  • Familiarity with top brands like Mitsubishi and Fujitsu heat pumps. (These are true benchmark brands for both performance and reliability.)
  • Local credentials as a good service provider. Local services are preferable for access to support and lower costs

Your installer will also be able to deliver:

  • Good quality information about installation, costs, and an accurate quote
  • Useful advice, practical help with onsite issues, and a professional quality of services including business conduct
  • A good deal on purchase and installation, if you’re sourcing from the installer
  • A full suite of in-house services for your system and any related electrical work required

Other Considerations: New Heat Pump Systems and Technologies

It’s a pretty straightforward shopping list so far, but there’s more to be considered. The new generation of heat pumps is made up of advanced, highly efficient systems. Your installation and servicing team needs the expertise and up-to-date knowledge to match this.

The best installers are also problem solvers, as well as technicians. They should be able to solve your site problems and resolve any compliance issues for more complex commercial sites. Finally, an expert installer will solve all of these problems without you have to worry, using strict best practice methods to resolve issues before they come up.

Need Heat Pump Installers in Auckland?

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