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When you are deciding how best to heat or cool your entire house or office, ducted systems are a common solution people opt for. What are ducted systems? How do they work? What are their benefits? Those are the questions this article will answer. If you need more information or advice, you should contact your local expert and discuss your specific situation.

What Is a Ducted System?

A ducted heating and cooling system means that there is one central unit in your building responsible for heating and cooling air connected to all of the rooms by insulated ducts. Ducts are compressible insulated foil wrapped tubes.

A ducted system means you don’t need a unit in every room you want to heat up or cool down. All you need are grilles connected to the ducts to pass air in and out of each room. 

Discreet ducted heating

Advantages of a Ducted System

The principle advantage of a ducted system is that your entire house’s comfort can be controlled with a single unit. You don’t need to install additional units in every room you want to cool down or heat up, although this may be a more efficient option in some cases.

Another major advantage of a ducted system is that your overall experience of the unit is quieter, as it is further away from the area it is acting upon.  They also will help prevent dripping windows.

Correctly calibrated, a ducted system can be the most energy efficient way to heat and cool your house by moving air from one area to another and minimizing heat loss.

Disadvantages of a Ducted System

The tricky thing about a ducted system is that you often want different areas of the house to be heated and cooled differently. Depending upon the kind of installation and control system implemented this can be complicated and it is important to know how to use whatever system is installed in your building.

Talk to the Experts about Your Needs

At Albany Heat Pumps, we can install, service, or modify a ducted system for you. We can help you decide if a ducted system is appropriate for your building and lifestyle needs. We will then go through the detailed process of setting it up specifically for your building and educating you in how to make the most efficient use of it. Give us a call today on 0800 927 628 or contact us online.