There’s nothing quite like a hot summer and being able to bask in the glory of the air conditioning. What’s not as fun is paying the electricity bill at the end of the month. The cost factor involved in conventional air conditioning is one seasonal affliction that everyone can do without.


For this reason and more, many people are shifting to heat pumps for all year comfort.


Comparing Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Cooling Systems


Your type of heating and cooling system will dictate your cooling costs. Even some modern air conditioning systems are pretty cost-inefficient and the bills are the proof. The problems are based on the energy efficiency, or lack of it, in different systems.


Heat pumps are a cheaper and far more energy efficient option. Despite their name, these systems can also cool your home in summer, working in a way that is somewhat similar to your fridge. While they’re not exactly the same as your fridge, heat pumps offer a much simpler and cheaper solution to cooling your home in all aspects of their operation.


Air Conditioning Systems


Whether they’re large or small, conventional air conditioning systems are inefficient by design. Power is used for the entire air conditioning process and when you’re trying to cool down a hot house or living space, they go into overdrive, consuming more power.


Some systems have power saving programs but even these options use energy to run. Similarly, basic air conditioning systems usually come with a range of different features and programs, many of which come with added power usage.


The more power you consume, the more your system is costing you to run, making these traditional systems a potentially expensive long-term investment.


Heat Pumps


Heat pumps work on a totally different principle to heat and cool your space. Heat pumps transfer heat to drive their systems. Using natural heat sources, your heat pump system will deliver heated or cooled air with a small electrical charge driving the system.


Heat pumps can deliver up to 50% more efficient services compared to other types of heating and cooling systems. This results in a cooler home, office or warehouse at a fraction of the cost of a conventional system.


Making the Move to a New Heat Pump System?


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