Winter is a difficult time of the year if you don’t have a good heating solution for your home. While your comfort is certainly the greatest motivator, there are various other factors to consider such as cost efficiency, adaptability, noise and reliability when choosing a heater.

While an electric, plug in heater might seem like a cheap solution that will do the job at first, it’s almost always better, both economically and comfort-wise, to invest in a quality heating system.

What are the Different Options?

Heating systems have come a long way since the humble use of the fireplace. Thanks to technological advances, there are now a number of heating options available on the market, including:

  • Ducted heating – These work by blowing heated air through a duct system in a home. They generally run on natural gas but sometimes electricity as well. While they are fairly reliable, there is the risk of gas leaks and the whole system relies on ducts in the home, ruling out many new properties.
  • Boilers/Radiant heating systems – These heat your home using radiators, baseboard heaters or aluminium panels in the floor, walls and/or ceilings of your home. These systems are highly effective but often require extensive installation works.
  • Portable plug-in gas/electric/oil heaters – These heaters are the worst of the available options. They use a lot of power, are fairly ineffective at heating a room let alone an entire property and use a lot of energy.

The best of all options on the market are heat pumps, which are effective at heating the home while offering environmental and economic benefits.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer a cost efficient way of warming up your property, offering a level of adaptability and versatility unfound in other options. You can integrate them into existing ducted systems or mount them on the floor, wall or ceiling.

Heat pumps also filter your air, ensuring pollen, humidity and airborne pathogens don’t impact the health of you or your family. Without the need for typical heating elements or a flame present in other heaters, heat pumps are also remarkably safe. There’s no risk of anyone burning themselves or the device causing a fire.

Cost Efficiency of Heat Pumps

While the initial cost of installation and the heat pump itself is high, the cost efficiency of them are irrefutable. They require less electricity than most other heating and cooling system and are up to 50 per cent more cost efficient than gas. Quality heat pumps are well built and require very little maintenance, offering additional savings over time.

Heat pumps use external heat and cold to regulate temperatures in your home. This energy efficient method means lower costs as well as fewer carbon emissions and pollution. For this reason, heat pumps are also the most environmentally friendly heating option.

Need Quality Heating in Auckland?

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