Heat pumps are a fairly new technology in New Zealand, at least when you compare the prominence of them in Europe. Around 80 per cent of new houses in Europe are equipped with heat pumps. Since their introduction in New Zealand, they have also quickly gained popularity.

The reason they’re so popular in Europe is because of they are durable, low maintenance and cost-efficient. Heating, especially in the colder places of Europe, accounts of a significant portion of household costs. This is why it’s considered essential to have a well-designed, properly chosen, professionally built heating system.

Heat Pumps Across Europe

Plenty of homes all across Europe are equipped with heat pumps. The most popular place is Switzerland, where 75 per cent of newly-built homes have them. Meanwhile, heat pumps are found in half of all houses in Sweden and every third house in Austria, Finland, Germany and Norway, with France not far behind.

The European Heat Pump Association’s yearly market outlook and statistics review has revealed continuing growth every year since 2014. Their last report in 2017 recorded a 12 per cent growth or just under 1 million more heat pumps installed between 2016 and 2017. With a predicted growth of around 15 per cent annually going forward, the amount of heat pumps in Europe is set to double in the next 6 or 7 years and quadruple by 2030!

How Subsidies Are Driving Growth

The prominence of heat pumps is also supported by subsidies and grants by the European Union as part of its pro-ecological policy. Most people residing in a EU member state can apply for subsidies. In France, you can reduce your heat pump purchase costs by as much as 50 per cent by deducting it from your personal income.

In other places like Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, there are numerous other discount schemes and financial incentives that reduce the initial and operational costs by a significant amount.

Heat Pumps in New Zealand

While us Kiwi’s don’t enjoy the same government subsidies as Europeans do, heat pumps are still increasing in popularity due to their cost-effectiveness. Having a heat pump system can reduce electricity bills by up to 75 per cent. It’s four times cheaper than oil and twice as cheap as natural gas.

There also a number of other benefits. They are a versatile system, meaning that depending on how your property is built, your heat pump can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling or it can be incorporated into a new or existing duct system. Heat pumps filter your air, removing pollens, dust and other pollutants and are also the most environmentally friendly heating option thanks to its energy efficiency.

Interested in Getting a Heat Pump?

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