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We should all try to minimise our consumption of electricity and natural resources where possible to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Being energy smart works for everyone, and in this article, we will discuss some simple ways to be just that.

Be Moderate with Targets

The ideal temperature for your environment is comfortable. Don’t overheat in winter so much that you are drinking ice water to stay cool inside while it’s snowing outside. Don’t make it so cold in summer that you need to wear a jumper inside. The amount of energy that goes into creating the temperature environment that you want is proportional to the differential between internal and external temperatures.

It is substantially easier and less energy consumptive to keep it 21˚C inside when it’s 25˚C outside than trying to make it 16˚C. In summer, keep the thermostat as high as you find comfortable. In winter, don’t make it warmer than you need. There is no perfect temperature for everyone so find out what works for you (and your power bill!).

Service your Heat Pump Professionally

Having a routine service performed by professionals is a great way to ensure the most efficient operation of your unit. It will also help to protect its longevity and decrease the likelihood of a breakdown.

Use Timers and Windows

There is usually little need for heating and cooling systems overnight. In summer, the air temperature typically drops to a level that will be similar or below what you are trying to cool to during the day. On nights like that, turn the system off and open the windows.

In winter, when it gets exceptionally cold at night, you probably don’t want to practice the same trick. Your bedding will do a good job of keeping you warm while you sleep so it is usually not necessary to run a heater. The trick for winter is to run a timer that starts the heater before you get out of bed. That way you can avoid the magnetism of staying in bed because everywhere else is too cold. You can still use the window trick during the day in winter if it gets warm enough outside.

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